Wednesday, 16 September 2009

One of our Cats!

This is one of our Cats - the fluffy one! She's called - AHEM- "Coco Calico Bluebottle Fluff Rapunzel Walker." I usually call her "Bluebottle-puss". She's quite beautiful, is she not? Comments on a postcard to "The White Rabbit", opposite London, just pop 'em here on bloggie :D

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Father's Day

OK, so yesterday was Father's Day, here in New Zealand! It was a good day... I was served breakfast, yummy soft-boiled eggs on my double Dr Who egg cup; and piping hot coffee in my 3D Dalek mug! My kids gave me cards they made themselves; and Zoe gave me two pictures she'd made! I was proud of all of them :) They also gave me some new aftershave, which I wear with pride.

Saturday, 5 September 2009


OOPS! I forgot to mention Friday! Well, Friday dawned cool & bright. For the first time in several weeks, I went to visit my Canadian friends, for Coffee. They have a SERIOUS Coffee Machine! It's the sorta thing you see in a Cafe! Cost seven times what mine did...anyway, looks like they'll be leaving soon. Jim, Julie (& their 7 kids) will be off to Brisbane, to do full-time Ministry. I'll miss 'em!

...the highlight of the day, was the Fish'n'Chip (& plus games) Night at the Church. After we'd all filled our faces, games were played. A number of kids showed interest in my Doctor Who Interactive Electronic Board Game. It was fun!

A Pretty Good Saturday

This morning, our new friend Cia (that's pronounced "Say-uh") came round with her daughter Taylor, for a playdate with Zoe. The two girls had a good time, while I made Cia a cappucino with my machine. It was nice to talk to Cia while I hung out the washing. Margaret was at the After Hours Clinic.

This afternoon, Jamie played with our neighbour's son; he continued playing there while I took the twins out to see a Magic Show. Some of the tricks were rather Captain Cornball, but others were worthy of Paul Daniels!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A long day.....

I've updated my profile. And, surprisingly, I actually achieved what I set out to do today... I wrote 500 more words on my essay!!!

Oh, by the way - my essay, is about the methods used by the Nazis in their propaganda during the Third Reich. I'm looking at the Hitler Myth; the Cartoons; and the use of Army Comuniques in disseminating propaganda.