Friday, 30 October 2009

Wheels Day at School

Yesterday, it was Wheels Day at School. As part of their developmental learning, the class that Zoe & Ben are in were asked to bring their wheels in to school - in some cases, that meant that their parents had to come in later, as, for instance, Margaret's car isn't big enough to take the kids AND their wheels! So, I brought their bikes in for them at 12:40pm. Their were loads of 5- and 6-year-olds whizzing around on various wheeled contraptions...bikes, one trike, scooters, skateboards, and one that was half-and-half! All the kids were wearing their helmets, and Ben was absolutely delighted to be charging 'round on his bike. Zoe enjoyed herself, too!

New Pants!

Welcome, dear reader. Yes, I got new pants - Jockey Active Cool Trunks (with "breathable mesh panels")! And, there was a FREE car sun-shade with them! Kelly the shop assistant showed me the options...these were the most affordable. I suspect most of my readers live in the UK, so the garment cost me about 16 Pounds 81p.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

New Boots and Pants

Anyone remember Ian Drury & the Blockheads? Back in '78 (or thereabouts), they brought out an album called New Boots and Panties. Well, today I got new tyres on my car; which, for a petrolhead, is the same thing as boots. I don't wear panties, but tomorrow I'm getting new pants...

The tyres are low-profile, and they come with the wheels, which are 3 inches wider than the previous wheels. The problem with the previous tyres, was that they were too soft & spongy!! It was like driving a rowing boat! The car wallowed down the street, like a mobile whale! And driving around slow left-handers was like leaning sideways into the wind...

My new friend Arno fitted the wheels, which are exactly the same as those on his Mazda RX8.
I think Arno just might be a neat new friend!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Labour Weekend

A quiet weekend at home, as the nation celebrates Labour Weekend, with a lot of people going on road trips - and already, 3 dead on our highways. Too many people don't drive in such a manner, to get there in one piece...

The other day, I got a new jigsaw in the mail - a 100-piece set, from the Dr Who spin-off, The Sarah Jane Adventures. It's ideal to do with my twins, Zoe & Ben. I made it with Ben first, he's delightful - he loves jigsaws, and he's so methodical! Reminds me of his auntie, who passed away last year. With him, it's two things - doing the jigsaw, and spending time with his Dad. Zoe, on the other hand - she's never been that good at jigsaws, though she still likes them. With her, it's mostly about being with me.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Farewell, Lindsay Henke

Last time I tried to blog, it wouldn't let me in...I've found me password, and I'm BACK! Woo-hoo!

My final essay for the year was posted online last Monday; with a great deal of stress, anxiety, prayer from my minister, and worry, it was finally done! So I'm a bit more relaxed now. Well, a lot, actually. No exam this year; just LOADS of essays...for some unknown reason, I get MUCH more stressed about essays than exams! Go fig!

Two days ago, M. opened up the morning paper, and told me - "Oh no! Lindsay's died!" Now, Lindsay was our (male) next door neighbour, who would tease me with good-natured quips over the years, that I came to appreciate. On my side on the fence, I would pull his leg, saying things like: " should wear one of those pinstripe suits, with two-tone shoes, the number of cars you sell!" Lindsay would sell at least 3 or 4 cars a year, some years. I admit, there were times that I didn't appreciate his leg-pulling; but I came to appreciate his sense of humour. He & his family have looked after our cats for years, when we are away. Also, he gave us a 29" TV a couple of years back. I remember part of the conversation...Lindsay said, in his croaky cancer-affected voice, "D'you want a TV, Neville? My daughter doesn't want it anymore. She doesn't have the remote."

N: "What about these two roosters?...your sons?"

L: "Don't be stupid! This one has a 29" in his bedroom, and THAT one already has a 42" telly in his room!"

N: "What brand is it?"

L: "Philips."

N: "Hmmmm..." (thinks: we have a Philips remote in the kids toybox, doin' nothing...)
"I'll take it! ...could these carry it over for me? My back, you understand..."

L: "Righto, Neville!"

I gave Lindsay two dozen DB Export beer for the telly, which was good value in anyone's books.

RIP, Lindsay Henke. You'll be missed.