Thursday, 29 October 2009

New Boots and Pants

Anyone remember Ian Drury & the Blockheads? Back in '78 (or thereabouts), they brought out an album called New Boots and Panties. Well, today I got new tyres on my car; which, for a petrolhead, is the same thing as boots. I don't wear panties, but tomorrow I'm getting new pants...

The tyres are low-profile, and they come with the wheels, which are 3 inches wider than the previous wheels. The problem with the previous tyres, was that they were too soft & spongy!! It was like driving a rowing boat! The car wallowed down the street, like a mobile whale! And driving around slow left-handers was like leaning sideways into the wind...

My new friend Arno fitted the wheels, which are exactly the same as those on his Mazda RX8.
I think Arno just might be a neat new friend!

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