Saturday, 24 October 2009

Labour Weekend

A quiet weekend at home, as the nation celebrates Labour Weekend, with a lot of people going on road trips - and already, 3 dead on our highways. Too many people don't drive in such a manner, to get there in one piece...

The other day, I got a new jigsaw in the mail - a 100-piece set, from the Dr Who spin-off, The Sarah Jane Adventures. It's ideal to do with my twins, Zoe & Ben. I made it with Ben first, he's delightful - he loves jigsaws, and he's so methodical! Reminds me of his auntie, who passed away last year. With him, it's two things - doing the jigsaw, and spending time with his Dad. Zoe, on the other hand - she's never been that good at jigsaws, though she still likes them. With her, it's mostly about being with me.

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