Saturday, 29 May 2010

Never seen one of THOSE before....!

Well, today my eldest son began his blog. The world turns, and children grow up so fast, eh? Thought I'd get blogging daily again! Who knows, there may even be a few comments. I'll try to say somethin' controversial & interesting, each day or so.

OK, what did I see today, that I'd never seen before? Well, I've been watching TRUE BLOOD Season 2 since Thursday. It's getting madder every episode....! In Season 1, the serial killer was human, though Vampires were being blamed. THIS time, the killer is neither Vampire NOR Human, but Humans are being blamed, of course. The thing tonight, in particular, was that after ALL the drama with the nutter extremist anti-Vampire Christian Church, and the vampires have sorted out their of the crazier "christian" cadets turned up....with loads of Silver, and Explosives. He was the world's first CHRISTIAN SUICIDE BOMBER! Pardon me, while I go off & mentally throw up. I hope no Christians use this as an example, to bomb Gays or Muslims. I think the Fellowship of the Sun church is a parody of some American churches who are particularly anti-Muslim, or anti-homosexual. The language especially, is reminicsent of the Red Scare, and its more recent counterpart, the Terrorist Fright (sniggers). Apparently, it got so bad during the rein of mad old Dubya that George only had to say "there's been another terrorist threat to National Security..." and people would believe him. Just to keep them in a constant state of fear. Anyone agree? Disagree?

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  1. good to see you've returned to blogging again, Nev... missed you around these parts!

    send me a link to Jamie's blog, would you? I might say "Hi" from Orkney!